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February 02, 2013

Onida Mobiles aims of thinking the future. When they think about future they evaluate the past also. It is all start with a vision. In the year 1981 this company started their business. In that time they are produing television sets. As time passes, they expand their business with superior products. By introducing new innovative products they raise a different voice. With their cutting age technology and penetrating marketing strategies Onida want to became a household name. As present cellphone market is already heavily penetrated, there is a need for a mobile that will stand apart. So, to fulfill their mission the company makes every single Onida mobile a complete package that will do so much than an ordinary cellphone. So, when you get the package you find it fully loaded. The company tries to meet the expectation about so many features and user friendly. The company aims to build a reason behind offering every feature of those phones. All the features help you to enjoy better, listen better, and work better. As a result the customer demand for Onida mobiles is increasing rapidly.

Onida I011
Views: 4
₹ 3,750
Onida G249
Views: 4
Onida i666
Views: 3
₹ 4,599
Onida i010
Views: 2
₹ 3,999
Onida i555
Views: 2
Onida G540
Views: 2
Onida i4
Views: 2
Onida S1200
Views: 1


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