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February 02, 2013

Forme mobile are popularly known in china’s Telecommunication industry, where they are among the reigning giant. When this firm decided to venture into the Indian market, the aura of competition and battle for leadership and quality was almost spontaneous. The prospective buyers started creating images of these well known and established brands. The speculations were almost touchable! Renaissance market surveys showed the great enthusiasm that these phones were anticipated with. Jiang Delong, the founder of Forme mobiles also guaranteed the Indian market that the phone will come as an economy-friendly package, with prices ranging between Rs 4000 and Rs 5000 on its launch. Those prices however will cover the dual SIM models. Other brand will then follow. This is a move likely to trigger and set new standards in this industry, hence guaranteeing you the customer, quality and nothing but quality. The Forme brands are a thing to watch out because it is obvious that they are here to stay.

Forme P6
Views: 131
Forme Q200
Views: 117
Forme V9
Views: 49
Forme F520
Views: 42
Forme E5730
Views: 37
Forme M55
Views: 36
Forme Teddy T4
Views: 33
Forme P10 Plus
Views: 22


All Forme Mobiles | Ordered By Date Added
Forme King K1
Views: 13
Forme Coke A1
Views: 15
Forme M660
Views: 12
Forme L600
Views: 8
Forme D815
Views: 8
Forme D555+
Views: 17
Forme Winner W2
Views: 11
Forme F520
Views: 42
Forme P9 Plus
Views: 16
Forme P10 Plus
Views: 22
Forme S60
Views: 11

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22-12-2012 06:37:00

rameshanna purchsing

sonu narang

27-08-2012 11:06:00

very good mobile low priess, high quality plz .purchase mobile+ from . +918427637777

Advocate Mizanur Rahman

08-08-2012 12:29:00

....Forme Mobile is china phone but Bangladesh market is available but i things there service center support is not good in Bangladesh. is it possible develop forme service center . advocate Mizanur Rahman Legal Point Bangladesh


08-08-2012 06:19:00

Forme mobile is stupid mobile


08-08-2012 04:53:00

Hello Guys.....dont never buy Forme Mobile phon ebecaus eits too much bad service with etc..Moni.