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February 02, 2013

Lemon is an Indian mobile phone band. Recently it has become a very popular brand in the Indian market of mobile phones. Lemon introduced its first phone in the end of 1990s in India. Lemon has emphasized on manufacturing user friendly mobile phones. They also have targeted the young generation of India. As a result the brand has had a better growth rate. Lemon also has a smart marketing policy throughout the country. It has brought some modern technologies to its phone such as dual SIM option, touch screen, browsing etc. So, general people of India are getting opportunity to use these modern technologies at cheaper rate. Cheap labor is a competitive advantage for this company to fight international brands like Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Ericsson etc. Some popular mobile phone models of Lemon are Lemon P1 Smart, Lemon iT 828, Lemon T79, Lemon B429, Lemon Duo 302, Lemon MU1 etc.

Lemon Ocean 101
Views: 15
Lemon MU1
Views: 6
Lemon P8
Views: 4
₹ 4,415
Lemon S403
Views: 4
Lemon T99
Views: 4
Lemon Ocean 11
Views: 3
Lemon B659
Views: 3
Lemon B189
Views: 3
Lemon Aspire HD
Views: 2
₹ 14
Lemon MB1
Views: 2


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Founded 2008
Parent Company Fastrack Communications Pvt. Ltd
Full Name Lemon Company
Headquarters Noida, India
Area Served India
Official Website http://www.lemonmobiles.com/
Industry Telecommunication, Electronics
Key People Mr. Malik, Mr. Gopal Kalra, Mr. Sandeep Mushran

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28-06-2012 17:37:00

It's true but,the mobile plastic frame is fragile.