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February 02, 2013

Olive mobiles are exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the valuable customers. Olive itself stands for flawless customer care. They claim they understand the world and mind of customers. Olive proudly operates in the Indian mobile market. They introduce a new exclusive brand named Olyne. It is designed based on the Indian customers’ demand. Olive mobiles are taken from their design house and added value through employing new compatible softwares which can gives more amusing attributes to customers. Again, this process helps to seta the image of the phone that it is filled up with contents, new applications and creative industrial design. With a gradual growing of their business Olive try to understand the latest fascinations of mobile phone customers. They aim to give ultimate solutions of life in you palm with your fingertips. It creates phone for both 2G and 3G technology. These phones support GSM and CDMA networks. One important thing of using Olive mobiles is that you become eco friendly as the company conscious about environment friendly production.

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Item Seller Shipping Info More Info Price
OptimaSmart Olive Frvron VG2300 N/A N/A ₹ 1,250 20 % off
₹ 1,000
Olive V-C2130 (Black) N/A N/A ₹ 1,499 7 % off
₹ 1,400
Olive OptimaSmart OPS 41D N/A N/A ₹ 4,000 5 % off
₹ 3,811
Olive V-C2130 Black N/A N/A
₹ 1,400
Olive Adroit V-SW520 White N/A N/A
₹ 5,499

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