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February 02, 2013

As a promising brand, Panasonic Mobile communications set their vision to connect the hearts of the people of the world. They also want to contribute the need of a secure, comfortable and reliable network. Panasonic is the representative of Japanese technology. With their cutting age technology in mobile communications device they try to focus on global development. They are always conscious about strategic utilization for introducing new product line ups mixing their intellectual property. On the context of their mobile phone business, Panasonic Mobile Communications aims to offer best level of facilities as well as a wider range of new ways to enjoy mobile phones, smart phones. They are also conscious about the customer of the lower price range. So, they offer better basic facilities with lighter and smaller handsets. Their handsets offer a wide array of applications, contents and services. With the passage of time using their mobile communications technology they are meeting the needs of different customers.

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21-11-2012 07:04:00

all models were so gud, i used the shortest mobile, g51 ...why company has stopped its market...may be the market for them is little but great in feedback....i believe..