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Updated: 26, Oct, 2013 10:03 AM
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Though missing a chance to say Happy Birthday on your date,

I now can wish that your whole year is great.

By: Raj # 59
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If you are serious about celebrating your birthday,

then the party must still be happening and that means that it's not
too late to wish you a Happy Birthday.

By: # 102
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I thought that you wouldn't celebrate your birthday ,

after you turned 29. I guess I counted wrong and you are 29 this year.

Sorry I am late. Happy Birthday.

By: Sourabh # 91
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Sorry that I couldn't catch up with you on your birthday.

Hope that it was great.

Happy belated birthday

By: Saurabh # 15
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Birthdays are special days,

but you are special every day.

Happy Belated Birthday.

By: Animesh # 120
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They say burn the candle at both ends and I think that means

celebrate your birthday both before and after the real date.

I am helping with the "after" part.

Happy Birthday!

By: Akshat # 47
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You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower.

That is why I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.

Happy Birthday!

By: Nirati # 51
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Two, four, six, eight.

Sorry that this birthday cheer is late!

Happy Birthday!

By: Rahul # 68
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Happy Belated Birthday.
When things get busy, time slips by, but birthdays never wait.
So finally when we send our greetings, they may be just a little late. But when it is someone so special that we like a lot,
our thoughts are always on time,
it is just our greeting that is not.

By: Rahul # 68
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Even though I missed your birthday by a mile,

I hope you celebrated it with smile.

Happy Belated Birthday.

By: Kanishk # 22
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A belated birthday wish coming your way
With a genuine message I wish to convey
Sorry I forgot your special day
I will make it up to you, come what may!

By: Awadhesh # 100
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Sending you belated Birthday wishes
I know I am more than late
But I hope you understand my forgetfulness
The day was crazy, I was in a bad state.

By: Shinde # 18
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Memory didn’t work
Alarm didn’t ring
Facebook didn’t remind
Birds didn’t sing
Forgot your birthday
Sorry my friend
Humans make mistakes
I am following the trend.

By: Rana # 56
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Got late in sending the Birthday wish to someone special?
Worry not.
Its better late than never.
Send beautiful belated Birthday greetings
And prolong the celebration time.

By: Sachitendra # 97
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A year of fun and happiness is my Birthday wish For you
You are someone special and your Birthday should be too!
Happy Belated Birthday My Dear.

By: Lokesh # 37
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