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Updated: 19, Jan, 2015 04:11 AM
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Every sunset givs us 1 day less 2 live
Bt every sunrise givs us 1 day more 2 hope!

By: Varun # 90
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May ur journey through lyf b an adventure of discovery n growth
Gud luck!

By: Abhay # 97
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I wish a wish fr u,
a wish I wish fr few.
Wish I wish is -al ur wishes come true.

By: Charu # 21
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2 get great things not only act bt also dream,
not only plan bt also believe

By: Anika # 93
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May ur pockets b heavy n ur heart b light
May gd luck pursue u each morning n n8

By: Neeraj # 41
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As good luck would have it.
Those who have succeeded at anything and
Don't mention luck are kidding themselves

By: Mansi # 65
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In everything you do,
There is a purpose,
Prepare to pursue your purpose with
A prayer, ask for guidance, protection
And direction. Good Luck!

By: Pramod # 96
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Wish you 'All the very best of LUCK'
May God stay wid yu dis day and give yu peace of mind.
May God give yu a happy heart and his love all da time.

By: Abhinit # 80
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May God grant u a sun to warm u,
A moon to charm u,
An angel so no one can harm u...
Smile now
Wish u best of luck.

By: Rahul # 127
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Success is like a beautiful girl
it will leave us at any time,
Failure is like a mother it will
teach us some important
lessons of life. Gud Luck!

By: Lerma Plata Penarand # 105
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A tinge of green from the youthful trees
A bit of orange from the sunset hues
With crystal white from the morning dews
I have framed a colourful wish just for u

By: Bruttendu # 118
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Winners believe that they create their
own luck by their actions;
losers believe in good and bad luck.

By: Priyanka # 67
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Knock, Knock
I knocked at heaven's door this morning.
God asked me...My child, what can I do for you?
And I said, Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message.
God smiled and answered...Request granted.

By: Bhramita # 58
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For each petal on the shamrock
this brings a wish your way.
Good health, good luck, and happiness
for today and every day.

By: Gazal # 27
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All of us have bad luck and good luck.
The man who persists through the badluck
Who keeps right on going iz the man
who iz there when the good luck comes
And iz ready to receive it...

By: Varun # 90
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