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Updated: 26, Feb, 2015 01:37 PM
Best Friends,
They know how stupid you are still choose to be with you in public.

By: Abhinav # 54
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You are my best friend, my human diary & my other half...
You mean the world to me..

By: Sourabh # 111
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Best friends make the good times better and the hard time easier.

By: Deepak # 33
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When destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relations, it corrects its mistake by making them true friends.

By: Varun # 96
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True friends are like diamond when you hit them they do not break, they only slip away from your life.

By: Awadhesh # 99
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When I die friends will go to my funeral, good friends will cry at my funeral but my best friend will change my Facebook status to chilling with Jesus.

By: Love # 24
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Weekly One Day Holiday,
Monthly One Day Salary Day,
Yearly One Day Birthday,
Lifely One Day Death Day,
But Sharing
Is Every Day ;-)

By: Manish # 88
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Some friends forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But I’m not one of them.
I’m here just for two moments
.. now & forever…!!:)

By: Naresh # 108
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A scratch on any side will reflect on the other side too..
So always handle feelings carefully..
the scratch cant be removed..!

By: Retasha Sharma # 83
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Death is possible any time,
love is possible some time,
marriage is possible one time,
but real friend like you is possible once in a life time.

By: Yogeshman # 36
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Life can give us a number of beautiful friends;
Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life.

By: Agha # 118
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Friend means:
F: Free from all formalities
R: Right to say anything
I: Ideal companion
E: Either good or bad
N: No sorry no thanks
D: Dear to dearest one

By: Love # 24
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Friend and medicines play the same role in our lives,
Both take care of us in pain
But the only diff. is that frndship doesnt hav an expiry date...

By: Love # 24
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Sacrifice is greater than love,
Character is greater than beauty,
Humanity is greater than wealth,
But nothing is greater than friendship.

By: Arjun # 43
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24 sweet hours make 1 sweet day!
7 sweet days make 1 sweet week!
4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month!
But 1 sweet friend like YOU
Make my whole life sweet.

By: Rajat # 19
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