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Updated 14 days ago
The loving occasion of Bhai Dooj is the best time,
to reminisce fondly the wonderful moment we have spent together,
sharing each other's joys and sorrows.
Thanks for spreading smiles everywhere and making life so beautiful, meaningful.
Happy Bhai Dooj my dear brother.

By: Aditi # 22
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This is for the most wonderful sister of this world,
Thank you sister for always being there on my side
and for helping me in those infinite ways which I cannot even remember.
Happy Bhai Dooj

By: Barun # 58
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We share a unique bond...
of love, friendship and understanding
Hope our moments
of happiness stay forever.
Wishing you a on Bhai Dooj.

By: Saurabh # 14
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This auspicious occasion strengthen the bond between
a Brother and Sister
lets celebrate our special friendship and promise to be there for each other today and always
Happy Bhai Dooj!

By: Shashank # 114
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On this auspicious occasion
of Bhai Dooj...
I pray to Lord Ganesha
that you be
showered with blessings of prosperity and success!
Happy Bhai Dooj!

By: Bhramita # 48
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For all the wonderful
things you've done for me,
and the different ways,
you've added joy to my life,
everyday, I pray and wish,
for happiness,
to fill your life everyday.

Bhai Dooj

By: sa # 9014
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May this Bhai Dooj brings gleaming joys and sparkling moments this year.. Happy Bhai Dooj

By: Amar # 65
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For always being on my side, for your protection and support,
for sharing my dreams I do thank you, my brother.
Happy Bhai Dooj..

By: Animesh # 107
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The warmth of your love is all I need during cold times.
Happy Bhai Dooj Bhaiya...!!

By: Monika # 42
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Like the love of Lord Krishna for his sister Subhadra, all brother should love their sister and like the blessings of Subhadra for his brother Krishna, all sisters should always pray for their Brothers.Happy Bhai Dooj.

By: Prem # 36
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Bhai dooj is festival of prayers from sister to brother, brother’s protection for her sister. May this Bhai dooj , we all celebrate it with even more love and protection for our sisters and brothers.Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj.

By: Priyanka # 54
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To the outside world we all grow old,
but we know each other as we always were.
We know each other’s heart.
We live outside the touch of time.
Happy Bhai Dooj

By: Ashish # 41
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You were always my best friend,
looking out for me, making sure
the path I traveled on was smooth.
Even if I searched the world over,
there cannot be a better brother than you.
Happy Bhai Dooj

By: Barun # 58
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I absolutely treasure the wonderful relationship we share. It’s so precious, unique & rare And when an occasion like Bhai Dooj comes along I wish for you every happiness & pray that it lingers long HAPPY BHAI DOOJ…!!

By: Vivek # 70
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