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Birthday Love Status Messages and SMS
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You are the greatest gift from god. I have no wish other than to have you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday my love.

By: Rahul # 17
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When I close my eyes, it is you that I see. We complete the meaning of 'We'. You are the only reason I stay glad. When you are not around, I really feel sad. You mean a lot to me, it is only you that i see. Happy Birthday My Love..

By: Agha # 113
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Even if I searched the universe i wouldn't find a more loving and wonderful person as you. You make me happy & you never let me down. Wish you a great birthday my love.

By: Animesh # 107
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A perfect gift for you!
Absolutely no cost, no batteries required,
Non-taxable, silent performance,
Extremely personal, fully returnable
It's a SMILE from me to you on your Birthday!
Happy Birthday..

By: Shubham # 33
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( ' o ' )
This teddy is gift of your birthday gift.
acha hai plz
Happy Birthday Dear

By: Priyanka # 54
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you are so beautiful my love for you will always be true,
here’s a wish for my darling…
may all your dreams come true
i wish you a very happy birthday.
with lots of love and kisses…
from a heart that beats…
Happy Birthday

By: Gazal # 21
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On this wonderful day beautiful moon of pure love.
appared to be my future you..
I m very thankful for all the joy you bring into my life..

By: Varun # 81
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1 Hug
1 kiss
1 SMS with
1 heart that only for you wishing
Very Happy Birthday My Sweetheart.

By: Richa # 73
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Mountain, rain or summer heat;
Your Love is the reason why I breathe.
Tell me dear what is sweet?
Is that you or your heartbeats?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

By: Deepak # 39
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You are my dream in my sleep;
You are my vision in my eye;
You are my smile on my lips;
You are beat of my heart;
You are an angel in my prayer;
You are light of my life;
Happy Birthday, my love!

By: Rahul # 17
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May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself.
Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in the heart and leave the rest up to God.
Happy Birthday!

By: Shantanu # 66
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I always wished 4 a spcl frnd who'd b close 2 my hrt it came true when I meet u
on ur spcl day I wish 4 u happy b'day..

By: Jyotsana # 19
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You are my dream in my sleep,
You are the vision of my eye,
You are the smile of my lips,
You are the beat of my heart,
You are an angel in my prayers,
And you are the light of my life.
Happy Birthday My love!!

By: Anurag # 74
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Our Heart Is The Best
Hypocrite In the World …!!!

We Think It Beats For
Us In Side


It Beats For Someone Else
Who Is Inside It … ^.^

By: Ashish 8574816604 # 1
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