Brother - Birthday SMS

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Updated: 26, Oct, 2013 09:59 AM
it's double scoops of fun
having a bro like you
coz you're a best friend
and brother
all in ONE

Happy Birthday

By: Chandan # 72
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I like 2 remember our times together good times nd the bad.
I regret the times I yelled at u whn u were only trying to help,
but you know I only did it becoz u did it to me.
I miss ur smile, Big Brother!!!!

Happy Birthday

By: Prem # 49
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Respect rises up so far abov
The pettiness of separate view
Differences bow b4 a luv
And friendship tht iz blood-bound, too.
You r my brother and I love you!!!

Happy Birthday

By: Prabhjot # 40
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A brother is a friend for life .
You make a great friend

HAppy Birthday

By: Priyanka # 66
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It takes wonderful things
To make a brother like u
Generosity and kindness
You're really very special
I want you to know my feelings


By: # 104
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Your love and guidance
In everything that I do
Makes me thankful
For a brother like you

Happy Birthday Bhai

By: Monika # 44
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I am thankful to my God
Who gave so caring Brother
Who is always there to love me, guide me & above all..
To make me happy.
Love u Brother.


By: Kuldeep # 62
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You've gotta msg
A gorgeous girl sends your way
guess WHO?
it's me of course, your sis!
just that I'd drop you a line to say!

Happy Birthday Dear Brother

By: Nimish # 63
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Got something special for you

scroll down
o please just a bit more!

just that I'd buzz U
with my old tricks to say
Happy Birthday Brother

By: Rishi # 80
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Arguing for the heck of it
borrowing and
never returning my stuff
brother, for everything
you are
I love you very very much

Happy Birthday Bro. ..

By: Amar # 56
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dear brother
no matter
where you are!
I want you to know you're special to us
and will always be in our thoughts!

Happy Birthday Brother. .

By: Divya # 81
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Im So Glad

That God

Gave Me A

Brother Like You.

HApPy bIrThdAy Bro. ..

By: Bimal Dhiman # 115
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