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Worry is a total waste of time, it doesnot change anything. All it does is steal your joy & keeps you very busy doing nothing.

By: Charan # 42
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Cuteness inspires agression which is why we often want to squeeze things we find cute.

By: Barun # 50
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It Is Very Usual to Ask
What’s up? How are you?
Had your Lunch?
How’s Life etc etc,
So Let Me Ask you Something Different
Did you Smile today?
If not Just do it now;

By: Rahul # 17
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Your Worst Behavior
Should Be Reserved For The Person
Who Loves You The Most
Because Somehow,
No Matter What You Do..
That Person Will Still ‘
And Always Accept You As You Are.. !

By: Charan # 42
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Heartbeats are infinite
spirits are ageless,
dreams are limitless,
memories are timeless.
A friend like you shameless!
oops, sorry priceless!!.

By: Nimish # 52
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Beautiful Pictures are Devolped
from Negatives in a Dark Room.
So, if U see Darkness in ur Life
be sure that God is making
a Beautiful Picture 4 U!

By: Rajat # 19
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I looked at many things in
my life and then I looked at you,
Then I never turned my face
and stop looking at you, because
There is no such thing in this
world more beautiful than you.

By: Vivek # 88
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If everyone forgets you,
I am with you,
If everyone lets you down,
I am with you,
If everyone betrays you,
I am still with you,
But if everyone likes you,
‘Sorry I am with them……!

By: Divya # 79
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The most beautiful people
in the world are not those
with attractive faces or skinny body,
but those who know
how to respect the beauty of others.

By: Manish # 86
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A Middle Class Boy Asks His High Class Girlfriend.

“If I Go Very Poor, Will You Expect Me…?”

Girl Hugs Him And Says: I’m Always With You.

Boy: If A Very Rich Boy Proposes You??

Girl Kissed the Boy and Says: “I’m Sure That Would Be You.

By: Sachin # 83
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Some times you hurt the one who loves you most.
And some times you hold the one who leaves you lost
And some times you learn but its too late.

By: Varun # 87
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I chose to love you in silence
For in silence i find no rejection.
I chose to love you in your loneliness,
For in your loneliness no one owns you, but me.

By: Md # 72
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There Is No Enemy Outside Your Soul..
The Real Enemy Lives Inside You..
They Are..

By: Jyoti Sharma # 22
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"The Extreme amount of
Happiness and Pain can be felt only
If you trust someone very Truly from Heart.!:-)

By: Priyanka # 77
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"A loved one is not the person
who understands your happiness.
Is the person
who can guess your sadness before your eyes feel".. !

By: Sachin # 83
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