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I am bad in English but I can tell you that I love you.
I am bad in Geography but I can tell you that you live in my heart.

I am bad in History but I can remember when I first saw you.

I am bad in Chemistry but I can tell what is the reaction when you smile.

I am bad in Physics but I can tell the intensity of spark of my eyes when they see you.

I am bad in every subject but I can tell all.
I will pass all subjects if the topic is you.

By: Nairit Biswas # 1940
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What is the most Peaceful Romantic Moment

Its when your Lover is sleeping

You are watching her innocent face with Love..

By: Sunnyy # 12
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It Is Not Important That
I'm Beautiful To U..

It Is Beautiful That I'm
Important To U..

U Are The Most Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened To Me..

By: Sushila Banswal # 241
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Boy: Let’s watch a movie

Girl: Ok.. What movie?

Boy: A horror movie, the grudge

Girl: Ummmm.... ok

*After Movie*

Girl: I noticed… you were watching me most of the time

Boy: *laughs* I watched the movie yesterday

Girl: what......
Boy: I just wanted to hug you and protect you. :)

By: Ankita Thakur # 8923
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To love some one doesn't mean to force a commitment...
sometime u just have to be satisfied with whatever connection u have, as long as it stays........

By: Deepak Singh # 547
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Love is not a decision.....
its a Magical feeling....
We never decide whom to love....
it just happens with the one u never except to fall
ing love .... :)

By: Deepak Singh # 547
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You are Sweet, Cute & an Ultra-dynamic Personality...!! You are one in a Million with a Golden Heart...!! For more JOKE stand inform of the mirror.

By: Agha # 125
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ts a sweet where ever u touch, its a poem what ever u speak, its a loneliness where ever u go & its a miracle what ever u do. be with me forever.

By: Rana # 56
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Cute Love
You must be a good runner because you arealways running in my mind, you must be a good thief because you have stolen my heart, and i am always a bad shooter because I Miss You Always...

By: Anju # 48
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Cute Love
Heart says to eyes dont see more bcz you see and i suffer.eye answered to heart, dont think more bcz you feel and i cry thats the relation.

By: Yogeshman # 30
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Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.Love me and the world is mine.If I know what love is, it is because of you.

By: Kalika # 46
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There was a little boy whose 1st love was a young girl in a picture which he found and picked from the street…
As time went by he got married,
But still kept it.
One day,his wife found it and asked,
Where did u get this?
The man said,
I kept that since i was a child,
But why u asking?
The girl replied,
I lost this picture when i was seven..:-)

By: Jyoti Sharma # 22
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I want to go somewhere, Where ther is nothing beside our love…. I am in search of that place, Where the love has won over the hatred…. I try to find that heaven, Where love is said to be God….. I wish to indulge in you forever and pray everyday so that we together can

By: Raj # 70
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The person who loves you more will fight with u daily without any reason. But whenever you’re sad that person will fight with the world to end your sadness.

By: Abhishek # 117
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A memory lasts forever & never does it die. True friends stay together & never say good bye.

By: Rahul # 129
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