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Updated: 30, Aug, 2015 05:09 PM
Prayer is the most powerful weapon against downfall,

the most effective medicine against sickness,

and the most valuable gift to someone we care.

By: Ashish # 39
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When We Pray for Others,
GOD Listens to You and Bless Them.
So When You are Safe and Happy,
Remember that Someone is
Praying For YOU

By: Kanishk # 28
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Jalte jagmgate rahain,

Aap hum ko hum aap ko "YAAD"atey rahain

Jab tak zindgi hai "DUA"hai hamari,

Aap"PHOOLON"ki tarha muskrate rahain.

By: Nirati # 47
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'Some Time Prayer
Doesnt Change The Situation.!
But It Changes
Our Attitude Towards The Situation,
& Gives Us Hope Which Changes Our Entire Life.
A Busy Life Makes Prayers Harder,
But Prayers Make A Hard & Busy Life Easier.
So Keep Praying
& Remember Me In your Prayers'

By: Ravi # 94
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Phool kilte rahe zindagi ke rah me

Hansi chamkati rahe aapki nigaah me

Kadam kadam pe mile khushi bahar apko

Dil deta hai yahi dua baar baar apko.'

By: Bruttendu # 123
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Prayer Doesn’t Change GOD …


It Changes Him Who Prays …

By: Prabhjot # 62
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The Journey of LIFE is travelled only once!
Make TAUBA for Past,
SHUKR for Present
DUA for the Future
Because Dua is the Only Element that Changes TAQDEER..

By: Charu # 27
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Everything is


But, with Prayers

it can be


By: Deepshikha # 99
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'“I” Pray 4 “You”

a life that “you” truly deserve

A life as good as “YOUR”Heart

A life as bright as “YOUR”smile,


A life as Wonderful as “YOU WANT”
here And thr After

By: Divya # 97
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May the angels protect YOU..
May sadness forget YOU...
May goodness surround YOU...
May happiness be round YOU..
and may God always bless YOU...

By: Divya # 97
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Dua krte hai teri zindagi ke liye.
lamhe lamhe ki her khushi ke liye.
khub aye bahar tere chaman mai.
log tarse aisi zindagi ke liye.

By: Bruttendu # 123
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Dil me Hontho pe ek dua rahti hai,
Har ghari muje aap ki parwah rahti hai,
khuda har khushi de zindagi me apko,
har dua main meri ye Guzaarish rahti hai.

By: Pramod # 69
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Dard or gam se aap anjan rhe.
khusiyo se apki pahchan rhe.
Hamare to Dil ki sirf etni Dua hai.
aapke chere par sda Muskan rhe.

By: Divya # 78
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Tumhare liye dua mangi,
pucho khuda se tumhari lambi umar ki kamna mangi..
Jab hamara aya afsana to bhi akhiri khwaish me tumhari mulakat mangi..

By: Arjun # 38
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