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Will you please be my valentine forever? I 'll keep you happy till the last moment of my life.

By: Shinde # 18
In Valentine SMS
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No words could ever tell you, no action could express the way i feel about you,
with you my life is blessed.
You're the light in my tunnel.
You are my pot of gold.
You are the best lover of World.
Happy Valentines Day..!

By: Kapil # 54
In Valentine Wishes SMS
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My heart to you is given. Oh, do give yours to me,
We'll lock them up together, and throw away the key.
Happy Valentine's Day..!

By: Agha # 119
In Valentine Wishes SMS
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Just before i turn in for the night,
i want to let you know that my heart stays with you tight, so that my warmth will make you feel that everything's going to be right.
I Love You...Happy Valentines Day..!

By: Varun # 94
In Valentine Wishes SMS
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Rose is not always meant for proposing love, it also means..
R- Rare
o- Ones
S- Supporting
E-Entire Life
Be a Rose for someone forever...Happy Rose Day..!

By: Manish # 86
In Rose Day SMS
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A Rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart..! Happy Rose Day..!

By: Bhramita # 58
In Rose Day SMS
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Kisses seal what two hearts feel..
I want you !... I need You!
I Love You...! Happy Kiss Day..!

By: Rahul # 66
In Kiss Day SMS
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Just a warm hug from you makes my day..
It's HUG Day.. and i want you to keep me cozy all through !
Happy Hug Day.

By: Sujit # 64
In Hug Day SMS
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Orange, White and Green,
3 colors are there not for to look beautiful,
3 colors gives us messages,
That we should love each other,
Live in peace and in unity....
Happy Republic Day to all Indian Citizens....

By: Abhay # 97
In Republic Day SMS
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We the youth of India should take, the pledge that till our last breadth.
We will fight terrorism, we will protect our Mother India, with all we have,
Jai Hind!! Happy Republic Day..!

By: Vijay # 47
In Republic Day SMS
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Happy Chocolate Day..
Chocolates for the one who has brought so much sweetness in my life.

By: Bhramita # 58
In Chocolate Day SMS
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True Happiness will be found only in true love but a chocolate can deliver it..happy Chocolate Day..!

By: Kalika # 48
In Chocolate Day SMS
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To go with the mustard flower's bloom,
Let's flaunt our dresses in yellow hues,
Worship Goddess Saraswati with all divinity,
And share yellow sweets with all the swoon!
Happy Basant Panchami

By: Abhishek # 114
In Basant Panchami SMS
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Be Strong you never know who you are inspiring.

By: Pranshu # 108
In Good Afternoon SMS
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Distance never separates any relation, time never builds any relation..
If feelings are true from heart then friends are always friends forever.
Happy Evening..:)

By: Barun # 49
In Evening SMS
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