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Updated: 24, Mar, 2015 07:10 AM
Storms make tress take deeper roots
Good Luck!

By: Sucheta # 101
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The hard work puts you where the good luck can find you.
Good Luck!

By: Monalisa # 68
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Take pride in how far you have come
And have faith in how far you can go.
Good Luck!

By: Gazal # 27
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Remember not getting what you want is...
Sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck...

By: Rahul # 69
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Every Sunset gives us one day less to live, Every Sunrise gives us one day more to hope, Hope you do the best today - Good Luck.

By: Abhishek # 112
In Best wishes SMS
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I wish a wish for you,
A wish i wish for few,
The wish i wish is,
"All Your Wishes Come True"..
All the best.

By: Ashish # 46
In Best wishes SMS
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When things go wrong...
When sadness fills your heart...
when tears flow in your eyes...always remembr 3 things
2---ur parents
3---my sincere prayers....

By: Kanishk # 22
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With my
1 Heart...
2 eyes...
5 litre blood...
206 bones...
1.2million Red Cells...
60 trillion D.N.A.'s...
I wish You All the very best of LUCK

By: Pramod # 90
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All you need in the life is ignorance and confidence &
then success is sure.
Gud luck.

By: Harish # 26
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Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season
give ur heart a beautiful reason to smile.
May God succeed you in every exams of your life.
Good Luck

By: Sanjay # 25
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God's blessing may come as a surprise,

and how much you recieve, depends on how much, your heart can believe.

may you be blessed beyond wat you expect

Good Luck

By: imman # 249
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Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets.

When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry,

show life that you have a 1000 reasons to Smile.

Gud Luck!

By: Naresh # 104
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Care for the one who shares with you,
Share with the one who knows you,
Know the one who miss you,
MISS the one who well wishes for you,
Wish you a very Good Luck!

By: Abhinav # 50
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A sweeter smile,
A brighter day,
Hope everything turns out better for you tomorrow.
May GOD be with you always.

Good Luck

By: Rana # 59
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