Hurt SMS

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Updated: 27, Nov, 2014 05:42 PM
Gum tan insaan di galti di saja hunde ne... par jine
menu mile eni tan meri umar vi nahin si...

By: Sherry 9781584700 # 141
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When a very sweet & close person goes to far away from us,
we may say or not say,
but our heart says to their heart-

By: Angad # 117
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Heart is equal to a mirror, Mirror shows reflection, &
Heart shows affection.
Both have one equal quality,
can’t be reformed once broken.!

By: Mansi # 58
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A word to say, a word to hear
Even in your absence I feel you near
Our relation is strong..hope it goes long
we will remain the same till the life goes on!

By: Varun # 96
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I Have Decided To Stay Quiet
When You Hurt Me!

Because If I Hurt You Back
Eventually It Is Gonna Hurt Me
More Than You!

By: Bhawesh # 63
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Some people hurt by words & some by action...
But the biggest hurt i believe is
that someone ignoring you
when you value them bigger than anything else!

By: Deepak # 32
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Without YOU,
I feel the loneliness in my life,
I feel the emptiness in my heart,
The hurt is so painful,
I love to leave my breath once and for all.

By: Mansi # 58
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Girl: Can I Hold Your Hand?
Boy: No"
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because It Will Hurt Too Much When You Let It Go.

By: Chandan # 72
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A hurted heart is like small baby
Which only cry but can't express its feelings
So don't hurt that person who loves you.

By: Richa # 75
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I Will Remember Her
Not As The One Who Broke My Heart,
But As The One Who Taught Me How To Love.

By: Kanishk # 22
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A face can speak 1000 emotions
But it can easily mask what the heart truly feels,
Don’t be fooled by the happiest face.
It may be masking the most hurting heart.

By: Charu # 21
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Dil ke dard ko dil todne wale kya jane.
Pyar ki rasmo ko yeh zamane wale kya jane.
Hoti hai kitni takleef kabar ke niche.
Yeh upar se phool chadhane wale kya jane......

By: Sachin # 67
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Dil ke dard ko dil todne wale kya jane.
pyar ki rasmo ko yeh zamane wale kya jane.
hoti hai kitni takliff kabar ke niche.
yeh upar se phool charane wale kya jane......

By: Retasha Sharma # 87
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Jeete The Kabhi Hum B Shan Se
Mahek Uthi Thi Fiza Kisi K Nam Se
Par Gujre Hai Hm Kuch Aise Mukam Se
K Nafrat Si Ho Gyi Hai Mohobat Ke Naam se.

By: Retasha Sharma # 87
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