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is a journey
we must pursue
without a map.

By: Rahul # 17
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Love doesn't make
the world go round
Love is what makes
the ride worthwhile.

By: Pramod # 60
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Love is the only reality
and it is not a mere sentiment
It is the ultimate truth that
lies at the heart of creation

By: Varun # 81
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Love isn't something
you find
Love is something
that finds you.

By: Angad # 111
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Something, it's not the song
that makes you emotional
it's the people and things
that come to your mind
when you hear it.

By: Richa # 73
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True love isn't easy
but it must be fought for
because once you find it
it can never be replaced.

By: Manish # 84
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Heal the past
the present
the future.

By: Harish # 26
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Before I met you
I never knew what it was like
to be able to look
at someone and smile
for no reason.

By: Vijay # 34
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Zamane Mein Aise Bhi Nadaan,
Hote Hain,
Apni Kashti Le Jate Hain Jaha Tufaan,
Hote Hain,
Kyu Basate Ho Unko Dil Mein,
Jo Dil Ki Basti Mein Chand Dino Ke,
Hote Hain.

By: vivek # 9012
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Everyone comes with
Find someone
who loves you enough
to help you to unpack.

By: Ashish # 41
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There comes a time when
you have to stop crossing
oceans for people who wouldn't
even jump puddles for you.

By: Charan # 24
In Caring SMS
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Single doesn't alwayas mean lonely
and Relationship doesn't always mean

By: Divya # 79
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When I first met you
I never realized how much you
would end up meaning to me.

By: Nirati # 45
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is a sign of
true love and patience
Anyone can say I love you
but not everyone can wait
& prove
it's true

By: Angad # 111
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