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The challenges aren't there to stop you...they're there to help you grow.

By: Kapil # 54
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Don't carry your mistakes around with you instead place them under the feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them.

By: Rajat # 19
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If doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full, Be grateful that you have a glass and there is something.

By: Prem # 55
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Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away from a problem & come back later with a clear mind.

By: Akshat # 47
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Just think about how far you've already come before you think about GIVING UP.

By: Akshat # 47
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No matter how difficult the past is. You can always begin again today.

By: Raj # 59
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You are capable of amazing things.

By: Jyotsana # 20
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At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

By: Mansi # 74
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Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.

By: Rahul # 76
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There is No Royal Road to Success,
But after Success Every Road Becomes Royal,

Best wishes for those who believe in Struggle!

By: Reena # 41
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Every successfull person has a painfull story
Every painfull story has a successfull ending

Accept the pain
get ready to success..

By: Naresh # 106
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An Airoplane Is Always Safe At Ground.
But It's Not Made For That.
So Always Take Some Meaningful Risks In
Life To Get Great Acheivment.

By: Pallavi # 111
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The plus symbol is made
with 2 minus symbols!

So all NEGATIVE things
can Be shaped as positives
by our SMART work & POSITIVE thinking!

By: Nitin Dhiman # 129
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Take Risks in Your Life"
If you Win, you Can Lead!
If you Loose, you Can Guide.

By: Gaurav # 121
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