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Updated one year ago
How can I even describe.
What it is you do to me.
You've taken over my senses.
I've lost touch with reality.

By: Vijay # 34
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Cute Way TØ Express The LØve:
My Life did not begin with you..,
But I wish my Life should end with you....

By: Shinde # 18
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Be Soft and cool Like water,
So U can Adjust anywhere in Life
Be hard & attractive Like Diamond,
So No one can play with ur emotions.

By: Vijay # 34
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True friends are like upper and lower eyelieds.
They often meet bcoz they miss each other,
But when they meet
They don't see the world around that friendship...

By: Harish # 27
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A little difference between PROMISES and MEMORIES... PROMISES- ...We break them!
MEMORIES- They break us.! Its true.

By: Shashank # 114
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Life May Be Hard
Not Always Fun
When Night Brings Dark
Morning Brings Sun
When Life Seems
Nobody Seems To Care
Dil Se Yaad Krna
I'll Be Always There.

By: Shashank # 114
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Every life in this world has been painted by God's own hands,
That's why I am thankful God,
bcoz when he painted my life he included a lovely color that is YOU..!!.!!.

By: Saket # 15
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Someone Said To God, 'I Hate Life'

God Said,who Told You To Love The Life?

Just Love The Person Who Loves you And

The Life Itself Will Be Lovable!!!!

By: Bhramita # 48
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Rishta Humhara Is Jahan Me Sabse Pyara Ho.
Jaise Zindgi Ko Saanso Ka Sahara Ho.
Yaad Rkhna Humhe Us Pal Me Bhi,
Jab Hum Akele Ho Or Sara Jahan Tumara Ho.

By: Saurabh # 14
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Meri Shararton se naraz na hona, Rona aaye toh aansu pochh lena, Kyunki jab tak zinda hai tab tak satayenge, Warna marne ke baad tohsirf yaad ayenge.

By: reian jain # 10
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Sucess is like a beautiful lover. It will leave us any time but Failure is like wonderful mother.
It will teach us some important lessons of life.

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Any love or happiness given 2 anyone always comes back. Unfortunately we expect it from d same person...

By: # 61
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man to God- can i smoke while i pray?
God got angry....

Another man asked- can i pray while i smoke?
God agreed....
so response always depends on how u propose

By: kumud joshi # 1761
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You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto the things that make you sad.

By: reianspeaks # 163
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