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Sad Status Messages and SMS
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Updated 2 months ago
Tu ishq ki dusari nishani de de mujhko,
Aansoo toh roz gir ke Sukh jatey hai..

By: 9875288111 # 12
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Khud se to pyar hum ne kabhi kiya hi nahin
Aap ke siwa kisi ko ye haq diya hi nahin tha,
Mushkilon main aaj aap ne rishta hi tor diya,
Roshni ka khawab dikha kar andhere main
chor diya...

By: Sham # 8968
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Don't promise - when you're happy,
Don't reply - when you're angry,
Don't decide - when you're sad.

By: Akshat # 44
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You still make me smile even if you are the main reason why i'm sad.

By: Lokesh # 40
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Not everyone will make it to your future,
some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.

By: Vibhu # 30
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A bird proposed a white rose. Rose said when I'll turn red, I'll love you.The bird cuts his body & poured blood on rose.Now rose loves bird but bird is no more.

By: Nairit Biswas # 1944
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Badi Udas Hai Zindgi Tere Bin
Nahi Hai Kuch Mere Paas Tere Bin
Andhera Ho Ya Ho Ujala..
Aata Nahi Kuch Bhi Raas Tere Bin.

By: Sanjay # 20
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Kitna Dur Nikal Gye Rishte
Nibhate Nibhate,
Khud Ko Kho Diya Humne Apno
Ko Pate Pate,
Log Kahte Hai Dard Hai Mere Dil Me,
Aur Hum Thak Gye Muskurate Muskurate..

By: Jyoti Sharma # 53
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Zindgi Bahut Kuch Sikhati Hai,
Thoda Rulati Thoda Hasti Hai,
Khud Se Jyada Kisi Par Bharosha Mat Karna,
Kyoki Andhere Me Parchai Bhi Sath Chhod Jati Hai.

By: Shubham # 33
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When A Person Cries Due To Happyness
The 1st Drop Of Tears Comes From The Right Eye.
When It 1st Comes Frm The Left,
Its Pain

By: Awadhesh # 101
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One Who Just Smiles
At you All Times
Does Not Become your True Friend..
But one Who Fills your Soul
With Love & Wipes your
Tears Is your Real Friend…!!

By: Rajiv Dhiman # 109
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The longest distance on earth……..
is not north to south,
it is when……..
i stand in front of you and..
you ignore me..

By: Rajat # 16
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Knowingly We Dont Have Time To Help People,
Unknowingly We Always Manage Time To Hurt People.
Think Again.

By: Saket # 15
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When you Get Attracted To Someone,
you Realize What Is Love ???
But, When That Someone Starts Avoiding you,
you Realize What Is Life?

By: Jyotsana # 19
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