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Updated: 14, Sep, 2015 07:06 PM
There's just something about you I'm scared to lose because I know, I won't find it in anyone else.

By: Bhawesh # 56
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The best feeling in the world is when you look at the special person and they are already Smiling at you.

By: Anika # 88
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You are special to me in every way, Thank You for being who you are.

By: Varun # 80
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There's always that one special person, that no matter what they do to you, you just can't, Let Them GO.

By: Raj # 52
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I believe that God above created you for me to luv.

he picked you out from all the rest bcos he knew i luv you the best!

By: Monalisa # 76
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People will trow stones in your way,

but it depends on you that you want to make a wall or bridge from those stones .

By: Naresh # 100
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If you do not Understand My Silence,

You Will not Understand My Words

By: Divya # 79
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It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them.
I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.

By: Awadhesh # 102
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Its not your mistake If you Can't read which cheat you!

But its really your mistake if you can't read eyes which care for you."

By: Sachin # 59
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A butterfly lives only 14 days
But still it flies joyfully
Capturing many hearts
Each moment in life is precious,,,,

By: Charu # 28
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Dont hide up feelings for someone special……
bcoz 1 day when you realize to express
your feelings to them that special one
may be special to someone else.

By: Lokesh # 40
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5000 in a train,

54 in a bus,

16 in a van,

10 in a sumo,

4 in a car,

3 in a auto,

2 on a bike,


only ONE
in my heart......thats uuuuuuu

By: Prabhjot # 69
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Whn tears comeout of ur eyes, reason
'u r sad'
When you smile, reason
'u r happy'
But when u receive a msg without any reason, it means

By: Shubhdeep # 99
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I want my eyes to be your eyes so you could see how wonderful you are.
I want my heart to be your heart so you could feel how much you mean to me &
I want my ear to be your ear so you could hear me whisper 'I love you.' forever.

By: Bhawesh # 56
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