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20 Days Ago | 95 shares | By Harsh # 60

Every day may not be good but there is a something good in every day.

21 Days Ago | 15 shares | By Agha # 109

Some beautiful flowers...
To bring fragrance to your life
Wish you a Sweet
Good Morning.....

21 Days Ago | 48 shares | By Rishi # 63

Mein ye nahi kehta ki koi tumhare liye dua na maange. Mein bas itna chahta hun ki koi dua mein tumhe na maange.

21 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Rahul # 101

When we see our beloved one after a long gap,
we want to share many things
but smile & silents are the first one we share.
That’s real affection…good afternoon

21 Days Ago | 43 shares | By Anurag # 104

You are my dream in my sleep,
You are the vision of my eye,
You are the smile of my lips,
You are the beat of my heart,
You are an angel in my prayers,
And you are the light of my life.
Happy Birthday My love!!

21 Days Ago | 278 shares | By TGShah # 203

Your BIRTH on this EARTH is for proving your WORTH.
Happy Birthday...!

22 Days Ago | 10 shares | By Abhijeet # 51

Hey wake up,

Open your chunni munni eyes,

Wash your pinky shinky face,

Somebody wants to say,
Good Morning...

22 Days Ago | 15 shares | By Richa # 59

Itna kamzor ho gaye teri judai mein,
Itna kamzor ho gaye teri judai mein,
Ki ab to chinti bhi kheench le jaati hai charpayi se.

22 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Kuldeep # 67

One two three...
Set free from worry...
See moonlight and galaxy...
Feel sweet dreamy Ecstasy...
Have dreams very lovely...
Good Night

22 Days Ago | 7 shares | By Shubham # 36

Success comes to those,
Who have the will power to win,
Over their snooze buttons,
Wishing you an awesome.
Good Morning

22 Days Ago | 20 shares | By Divya # 90

True Love Doesn't Just
Fill Your Heart
It Overflows into
your whole body and soul

22 Days Ago | 22 shares | By Ravi # 100

Majile Bhut Hai Afsaane Bhut Hai,
Imtihaan Zindagi Mein Aane Bhut Hai|
Jo Mila Nahi Uska Kya Gilla Karna,
Duniya Mein Khush Rahne Ke aur Bhi Hai Bahane Bhut
Good Morning.

24 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Shashank # 110

Kya banane aaye the kya bana baithe,
Kahin mandir bana baithe, kahin masjid bana baithe,
Humse to jaat achi hai parindon ki,
Kabhi mandir par ja baithe to kabhi masjid par ja baithe.

24 Days Ago | 4 shares | By Sana # 77

Khote sikke jo khud chale nahi kabhi bazaar mein,
Wo bhi kamiya khoj rahe hain aaj mere kirdaar mein.